Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Re: Barn with Blue Door

I am reposting my barn so you can see my progress. I am still not finished...... I have been diligently working over the pink sky. I am getting close.... then just adding the finish details.


Micah said...

Hi Carole:

I enjoy your work. Very strong and powerful use of color.


Carole Abla said...

Thanks Micah! You wouldn't recognize it today..... totally changed! It has turned into a completely different painting.

Thanks for taking the time to look... and the kind encouraging words. This one has been a real struggle.... and has left me scratching my head :)...

I will take a picture of it if I get a chance this weekend to post. It looks now more like "Little House on the Prairie". He.he.. why is it that some paintings come together like magic.... the others are a struggle.... and evolve!