Monday, September 6, 2010

"Backside of Malibu Moo"

It was finally Saturday morning..... and couldn't  believe that a whole week had passed.  The three of us arrived at Fish Creek to prepare for the final Dockside Quick Paint event.  We arrived early, around 7:00 am and picked out our places to paint.  It was raining and chilly... but in plein air.... you paint.... rain or shine!  I set up my easel, along with my umbrella, but still got soaked.

After setting up our gear...we went to the expresso bar for coffee, and to get out of the rain.  Around 9:00 am, we had to take our canvas to get the official Door County Plein Air Festival stamp.  They delayed the start time this year due to the rain. Finally, with us all at our easels.... the bullhorn sounded.... and two hours raced by before the bullhorn sounded to STOP!  We took our paintings to get them stamped again.... All of the Dockside paintings were to be exhibited at the Peninsula School of Arts final reception that evening.  We rushed home to shower and prepare for the reception.  When we returned to the reception.... I was delighted to see that my painting had sold.  This is a photo of the scene I painted....  I failed to get a photo so I applied a filter to the picture... so you can see what it looked like when I squinted.  Malibu Moo is one of the local favorite places to purchase ice cream delights.  It is always packed... and faces the harbor.

We had a wonderful week, and look forward to next year's event.... God willing!!!

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