Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Maple Street Cottage" - Fish Creek

We retuned again to Fish Creek Friday morning, to pick out what we wanted to paint for Saturday morning's Quick Paint.  I found what I wanted to paint, and made a few sketches.  After lunch I painted this delightful cottage just a few houses away from the bed and breakfast that I painted yesterday.  I loved the way the house peaked out between the trees.... with light falling on the roof, and a few areas on the trees and grass in front of the picket fence.

We have had a wonderful time.  Saturday will mark the end of the Plein Air festival.  We will need to get into town early to have our canvas stamped....will all be ready to paint by 9:00 am.... signaled by a blast of the bullhorn.... and two hours later..... the bullhorn will signal the end of the Quick Paint.  We will need to get our painting stamped again.... and get it framed.  It is a very exciting time.

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