Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Cozy Harbor" - SouthPort Maine

I just finished this little painting from a plein air sketch and some reference photos taken several summers ago in Boothbay Maine.   It brought back a flood of memories from a class I took with Judie Wagner.  We spent the morning painting in and around the dock area.  Southport is just across Boothbay harbor.  In order to get to this charming island, we had to cross an ancient turn-bridge..... that would stop traffic in order for a ship to sail through the channel.

It was a charming place to paint.... and when we finished up it was lunchtime.  We were treated to the most delightful lunch at E.W. Pratt,.... a white clapboard building built on stilts out over the water.... complete with flaking white paint.  His sign was posted .... lunch served at 11:30 am.  Locals would knock on his door, and he would let them in, but because we were not "Mainer's" we had to wait until it was 11:30!  Inside was a very old lunch counter, tables covered with oil cloth and an antique two-lane bowling alley.   He was renowned for his fresh lobster and crab rolls.   EW  and his staff hand picked the fish just hours before lunch.  There's nothing particularly exotic about this lunch item - great chunks of lobster meat mixed with mayonnaise and served on a hot dog bun - but it was heavenly.  I often wonder if Mr Pratt is still living.   He had to be well into his 80's.. a crusty old sole....with two very senior waitresses not much younger than EW, that made fresh pies daily.  My favorite was the "Maine" blueberry pies!!!!

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Judie Stang said...

Love your reflections in the water!